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High Tea Food Package

Please Follow Along and Fill The Form Out Accordingly
Choose a Time 7am-3pm
Beverages Included

-Water, Hot Tea, Coffee, Unsweetened Tea & Sweet Tea

2. Check either one soup and salad on the left or two soups on the right side. You will get to choose between your choices on the day of your event.

Soup(s) and/or Salad
Choice Between One (1) Soup or One (1) Salad

Only Choose One (1) of Each

Soup Options

Salad Options

Choice Between Two (2) Soups

Only Choose Two (2)

Choice of One (1) Scone 

(Garnished with Grapes)

3. Choose one Scone option for your entire party.

4. Choose two tea sandwich bites for your entire party.

5. Choose one dessert for your entire group.

1. Fill out your full name and date/time of your event.

Form Instructions

6. Fill out "questions" box at the bottom right.

Choose Only One (1) Scone
Choice of Two (2) Tea Sandwich Bites
Choose Only Two (2) Sandwich Options
Add any special requests, questions or concerns about this form or your event! If none please type "N/A"

Tea Cost = $25/Adult + Tax and Gratuity 

Tea Cost = $12/Children + Tax and Gratuity 

Tea Deposit = $10/person 

(Gets applied on day of event at time of payment as long as there is no changes within 48hrs before event)

Choose Only One (1) Dessert
Choice of One (1) Dessert
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